After years of disinvestment, U.S. infrastructure has fallen into disrepair, becoming increasingly vulnerable to breakdowns—a situation exacerbated by the escalating severity, frequency, and duration of climate events. The rigidity of infrastructure and the agencies that govern it can perpetuate environmental degradation and social injustice, and fail to address the needs of coastal city communities and ecosystems.

A historic influx of federal funding from the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is now flowing to coastal cities.

These investments create a huge opportunity to properly site, design, and build more climate-resilient infrastructure to withstand extreme weather, sea level rise, and other threats.

To prevent maladaptation and ensure new investments do not replicate past harms, coastal cities must commit to a just and sustainable approach to creating and locating climate resilient infrastructure projects, while investing in retrofitting and adapting existing infrastructure.

Below are a few resources that offer critical context and guidance for policymakers, practitioners, and advocates shaping the future of infrastructure in the U.S.

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